Banner Billboard Advertising

We have made a major change to our billboard advertisement feature. Instead of saving based on how long you pay in advance, we now offer this service at an extremely low monthly rate. The billboard feature is one of our most successful features for our advertisers, yet it is heavily overlooked by the average person. I wanted to make this change to give you a fair chance to try it out and see exactly what you have been missing.

Currently, we are offering this at an extremely low monthly rate of just $30. I promise that from now on the billboard feature will be sold as a monthly package, however I can’t promise it will always stay at this low rate. You also lock-in whatever rate you sign-up at. So if you order now, you lock-in this rate forever! Of course, you may cancel at any time.

Please do yourself a favor and read more about it at:

Ordering is very simple and easy to understand but if you have any questions, please let me know. As always, I greatly appreciate everything you do!

Holiday Contest Winners

Thank you for everyone that participated in the Holiday Contest. Competition was in fact very tough. We had several ties for first place. As stated in the comment section, we standby our original decision to form a simple tie breaker and award the prizes based on this information. The tie-breaker involved how many active referrals the users were actually able to register on the site. Based on this information, the winners are as follows:

1st place – Member ID: 780
2nd place – Member ID: 187779
3rd place – Member ID: 44

Congratulations to these winners and thank you again for everyone that participated! More contests will be announced soon!


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